Water Softener

We offer you a variety of water softener to unravel the issue of hard water problems.

Why DeltaPure Water Softener?

Our bespoke water softener solutions ensure that your skin and even your appliances are healthy!

Healthier Skin

Hard water leads to several skin issues over time. Use our water softener to keep your skin glowing at its best

Cleaner Appliances

Your geysers, electric kettles, and RO systems will not get calcified as quickly, leaving you with less worry


We offer bespoke solutions that work for your exact requirements.

Key features of DeltaPure Water Softener

People who have hard water are more prone to rashes and skin problems like clogging up of our skin pores. These water softeners enable us to prevent the heating elements in geysers and kettles to get coated with calcium and magnesium. These heating elements burn out in a matter of months which results in consumption of more electricity. These water softeners are space friendly and can easily be placed on your rooftop before your water tank. The flow capacity of the water softener plant has to match the flow your pump generates.

We will offer a water softener suitable for your needs depending on your daily water usage, and water hardness.

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