Membrane Capacitive Deionization System (CAPDI)

CapDI provide a cost efficient and environmentally friendly method of salt removal. The systems feature tunable deionization for industrial and commercial applications, while the compact footprint of the IS line of systems affords simple, containerized deployment.
Food Factories

Food Factories

Auto Manufacturers

Auto Manufacturers



Why DeltaPure CAPDI?

CAPDI allows customers to increase profitability, process efficiency and productivity, as well as improve operational performance and lifetime of a wide range of industrial equipment, all while reducing environmental impact.

Modular Design

Our modular design means ease of deployment, maintenance and service for you

Automated Cleaning

Minimise operator involvement and dependencies with our advanced automated cleaning solution

Chemical Free

DeltaPure’s CapDI system is entirely chemical free, making it better for you and the environment.

Key features of DeltaPure CAPDI

DeltaPure systems employ a simple, cost effective modular design providing flexibility to align with project’s current and future demands. Industrial Series feature real-time, remote monitoring and control capabilities. The automated cleaning feature allows minimal operator intervention, while Dynamic Control ensures a consistent and continuous quality of water.


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