Water Conditioner

Deltapure, in collaboration with Global Water Solutions brings the revolutionary OneStop Plus™ water conditioning technology to india.

Why DeltaPure Water Conditioner?

Our revolutionary polymer based conditioning process, without the use of any chemicals that leaves the water softer and better for your use.

Revolutionary Technology

DeltaPure brings you, in collaboration with Global Water Solutions, the revolutionary technology of water conditioners.

Zero Water Wastage

Since there is no backwash, this technology ensures there is zero wastage of water, helping you save on costs.


Climate consciousness is at the core of what we do, and this product is proof!

Key features of DeltaPure Water Conditioner

  • It uses a special polymer resin which acts as a catalyst to crystalize water hardening salts such as Calcium and Magnesium after just 5 seconds of contact. These crystals are insoluble in water and simply get filtered out.
  • There is no addition of chemicals.
  • The polymer media is long-lasting as it is not consumed by reactions.
  • There is no backwash, therefore no wastage of water. No wonder, it is used globally even in are where water softners are banned.




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